TCG Computers was founded in 1993, after a employer packed up, left all staff hanging and dashing for survival. Georg Klee founded “THE COMPUTER GROUP”. THE COMPUTER GROUP traded as a Sole proprietor from 1993 to 15th August 1995, after Wits University required its services and required invoices from a registered company. Georg Klee (Owner) was forced to register the company as a CC.

At the registrar Offices they advised us that the name GROUP can not be used in a cc. This was a setback and the name had to be registered within a very, very short period, since we already had the abbreviation TCG Computers we decided to register the abbreviation instead of the original choice.

This was accepted and TCG was born. As years past every one asks what does TCG stand for and trying to explain this over and over again we decided to associate a name to the TCG and thus THE COMPONENT GUYS was the final choice.

TCG main focus is the SME market, concentrating on clients individual needs and be an asset to the clients company instead of an expense. We had our fair share of employees and have found that their passion and dedication to a client is more business orientated and not on the personal attention level that we required. Yes the work was done to a certain degree but lacked the extra detail required to achieve what we have build over the years.

We believe to assist the client in all their IT and Technology needs, to help them understand why things work as they do and why they should spend money on a certain project and why they should keep their wallet close on others.

Our relationship with clients is more a one to one basis and strongly believe you should become friends with your client. This will allow you to give an honest and open opinion when your client needs to make choices regarding his / her IT infrastructure.

We cater from the individual to clients with over a 100 units. Pc’s, laptops, printer, tablets, phones and telecoms. We support all aspects of systems including: Microsoft, Apple and Linux.

Our service contracts are not the same as everyone else we believe in spending the time and service, we believe in being pro active and doing preventative maintenance instead of seeing the client when the bomb has exploded. The clients who are on our contracts will testify to our service and dedication.

Our contracts are based and formed around your company and shaped to your needs.

TCG has the ability to sell and supply rental systems and hardware, helping those who have the need to upgrade frequently or who is a bit cash strapped.

The company has grown from strength to strength and I think we have the best telephone and remote support available in South Africa.

We hope you take some time to get to know us, we sure would like to get to know you. Give us a call (083 268 0244 – Georg Klee – Direct) or just drop us a mail on support@tcgonline.co.za , Even if you have a problem test our telephone support, you will be amazed



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